Hi! I'm Teppo Kallio. I'm a web designer & developer + founder at Bebob Builder.

I like building internet stuff with business purpose. It would be great to find more like minded people.

To reach me, send e-mail teppo@kallio.me or check @kalliome.

My thoughts


People love what other people are passionate about

Last weekend I saw movie La La Land and the soundtrack was superb; it got stuck in my head for days. Delightful simple melodies. The music wasn't only thing that got suck in my head. A line by Mia started to haunt me.

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How I came up with idea for Bebob?

I've been a web designer and developer for over 10 years now and I've seen the process from both sides. I feel that the process is flawed. Bebob is my way of fixing it.

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